Friday, October 14, 2011

Waiting For The First Load of Wash

Are we going, yet?

 In the beginning. You should see it now.

If I wrote, "In my day..." I'd be typecasting myself as an old fart who spends his days ruminating on the past.

Let me rephrase that.   "In a galaxy far, far away."  Heh, heh.   No, strike that. Let's try again.   Third time's the charm.  A long time ago there was a comedian named Henny Youngman.  While I'm waiting for the picture to download, I go to the bathroom, trim my nose hairs, check to see if Mandy's still in her dog bed, look for the cat, turn the keyboard upside down to see what gunk falls out and wonder, What is a Henny?  Who'd call himself Henny?

Henny Youngman's is most famous for beginning his monlogue with, "Take my wife..."  You're thinking he's going to launch into a description of wifely things.  Instead, he follows with, "Please."   

The uninterrupted line is, "Take my wife... please."  Bear with me while I explain.

Dawn ( my wife) shoots pictures with her new camera.  She has no idea what the icons means and little experience with digital photography.   In my fervor to go back to blogging this morning, I download all 61 images she's taken since December,2010.  The image of the garden is so large, I had time to revise my last will and testament. If you double click on the image you may be able to enter the picture ala a Harry Potter movie. You may understand now, how I dug a half tons of potatoes from this garden.

Originally, I intended for this to be a short travelogue. Then, Mandy and I would hit the road while I'm waiting for the washer to complete its cycles. We'd go to Dent and Bent just down the road a piece for discounted juice.  I'm  hoping that in the load of unsorted boxes full of dented and discarded items, some beyond expiration date, that  they acquired new stock of Mexican espresso.  They sell packages of the fine ground coffee for $2.  In the regular store it's $3.50 and up.

The nice thing about  a discount grocery store run by the Amish is that they are unfamiliar with exotic cooking items..  Special marinades, hot sauces, nori rice wrappers, garbanzo beans, Raspberry Chipolte sauce, sell for ridiculously low prices (5/$2.00).  One of the elders put up a sign that said buy one get one.  A daughter minding the store had no idea what that meant.  At the old teacher's desk near the door, I watch her charge me full price for both cans of beans.  She obviously never heard of the expression, buy one get one free.  I had a difficult time explaining to her the expression.  She thought I was pulling a scam.

 The washer has completed it's cycle. I'm still here. The dog is still sleeping.  The sun is going away along with my dream of painting trim frame around a newly installed window on the rear addition. 


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a marvelous day is unfolding for you and the pets! That line from Henny never fails to get a laugh out of me. I don't know why I think it's so funny, but it has legs! It's one of those timeless gags that tickle the funny bone and never gets tiresome.

I'd love to check out that store you frequent. What fun!

Gavrillo said...

Thanks for the comment. Although I check your blog frequently, by the time I get to your latest post, there are 29 comments posted and I just give up adding anything. I'm pleased that your out there. With my workload declining I'll be on the computer more often.