Sunday, October 16, 2011


Thanksgiving is coming.  That means Dawn will have to work at the old folks home. Jorge will snivel his way out of celebrating any holiday including one that's absent of religious overtones, save being The Feast of Gluttony.  Besides, he's gone vegan. That means spending hours roasting a tofu turkey.

I started out wanting to title this post SQUANDERED.  Then Squanto popped into my mind. I kinda like the way the name rolls off my tongue.  So I changed the title to accommodate some tongue rolling. It's what Republicans do these days. The fact is I squandered my time this morning.  I went to the computer before breakfast with a half cup o' coffee laced with clover honey.  Screw the extra calories. It's Sunday. Let's celebrate.Yahoo. Can I say that without copyright infringement?

The cat came up after seven to announce the day. He's running a bit slow of late. Then, he jumps in bed.  That wakes up the dog, who yodels her , "I want to go out." (I swear when she yawns in the morning it sounds just like the word "out"). She jumps in bed. Sneezed seven times getting enough dog snot over the flannel sheets that I decide it'd be best getting her outside before she pees on something.  Of course I give her a hug first because I'm  glad she back to normal ( yodeling, snorting, jumping in bed, harassing the cat...) It's been over a month she's been under a doctor's care for Lyme disease.

Yeah, so I wander over the net checking  favorite blogs wanting to be able to write like those people like I useta be able to write years ago when I drove a '60 Pontiac between Sheboygan and Milwaukee, driving with my knee, jotting down quips in a notebook in between wrasslin' with nine year olds in the ghetto.Pretending I'm Kerouac. Squandered. Squat. Both are similar. So here's what you get.

That black line isn't in the original shot. No idea why it's there. Must be some reaction to downloading a picture larger than the closest town. I'll do better soon. I promise. 


Anonymous said...

It's a great photo - lines and all! I use my iPhone to take photos and it's not great, but it's handy! I saw Christmas decorations in the store the other day. I left feeling quite depressed!

okjimm said...

AAAAAHHHH what SDS said.... I am not ready for Chistmas....or mostly the Xmas ads I take my Pagan Holidays one at a time....