Monday, October 31, 2011


Santiago ( The Apostle St.James the Greater , patron saint of horsemen) <©> Seven Roads Gallery 2011

Let's put things into context.

Today is All Saints Day.  In some cultures, I'd be sitting in a graveyard with picnic fare.  There is a graveyard for the poor Barre family who lived in dipstick's house(the fence guy) in the cornfield behind us.  I am not planning on a picnic today. I started a fire in the wood furnace to be able to hang clothes in the basement.  We reached a new low in darkness when I complained to Dawn that at 7:19 this morning, it was still dark.  It might rain.

I dusted off St.James this morning, admiring the santero's work.  The horse "in pose",  the metal miniature stirrups, braided reins and attention to detail are the mark of a fine craftsman.

 I'll be remembering a few personal saints on All Saints Day. They include my mother, Violet, my stepfather Joseph and Gertie Sennett.

Post Script:
OK, so I'm a day early and a dollar short.  Blame it on not having to punch a time clock and Jorge's reports from the cities.  Friends were calling to asking him to a movie, brunch , whatever, so they wouldn't have to answer the door on Sunday-Trick or Treat day.  To me that sounds like Scrooge, but, we don't have trick or treaters out here.  When I lived on the cusp of the inner city, kids were imported in bus loads to our neighborhood.  The reason, better treats and a safer Halloween for the kids.

When Jorge pointed out my mistake, I remembered my early morning stop in bloggerland. Next time, more coffee..


okjimm said...

trick or treat at my door
little feet on da porch floor
buck a beer
I doan ask for more

excuse me now...
I gotzta go look in the mirror
and haunt myself. hehehe

Gavrillo said...

Poet, comic and writer extraordinaire. Whatta guy.

A New Years Eve a coupla centuries ago, we were partying in a downstairs pub in MKE. The mensroom had a floor to ceiling mirror. I walked in really wasted, saw myself in the full length (leak as Vonegut writes) mirror and jumped about two feet.It was my only out of body experience.

okjimm said...

ya, right... nowz I just gotzta get paid for it! not waiting is for sure!

Anonymous said...

Love that sculpture a ton! Were you selling that in the gallery? I'm many days late on this comment. I can't keep up, yet my life is so boring. What's up with that?