Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pride Goeth In The Fall

On a lark, I look up goeth in my dictionary.  No such word. 

At the end of yesterday I went to see my library angel.  I wanted to get the take of the head librarian and her assistant about the errant cop in town. I took Mandy inside the building ,but kept her on the leash so she wouldn't bother kids fooling around after school on 7 computers in three rooms. The main topic of conversation covered the gardens.  I explained my efforts at extending the season in a half-assed way.

Kale Under a Row Cover

Kale is the fashionable vegetable for 2011. High in vitamins, the Joy of Cooking on the kitchen counter includes a recipe for lentil soup with kale. In the photograph above there's an indication of  kale's hardy properties in late season farmering.  If you look closely, you may discern a piece of ice leaning against the wire hoop in the foreground.  The ice came from the dog's water dish after a frigid night. Without the row cover, my twenty foot row of Dwarf Siberian Kale survived a covering of heavy white frost. With the row cover, I'll be eating fresh greens when other folks are buying greens at the co-op.

I promised to take my barber out to lunch as payment for a buzz-cut haircut this morning.  I'm afraid to take off my hat.  She may only get bread and water.  To conclude what began earlier as a description of a typical morning here on Blackbird Farm will continue in pictures.

Long shot of kale in a garden plot.
   While I'm at the computer, the cat is hunting and Mandy conserves her strength.

I'm busy.


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy braised kale with olive oil and garlic. Oh, my that's delicious! I'm going to try growing it next summer - I'm making more and more room for veggies so that I can avoid the yukky stuff at the grocery store. Seems like this year was a banner one for recalls because of listeria, salmonella, and e-coli, eh? You're so fortunate to have that bounty! What a beautiful world your place is. Mandy seems so very pleased with herself.

okjimm said...

HA! A dog that reads! I am a little suspicious, though, of Dwarf Siberian Kale..... sounds like something out of the Hobbit....

but then, you do live in Middle Earth.

T. Roger Thomas said...

What was the consensus about the cop?

Gavrillo said...

SDS-Thanks for the tip about E.V.O and garlic. I've been fixing it with oil and Balsamic Vinegar.
okjimm-Jorge found this version of kale at a landscaping center in Richland Center. I was suspicious at first that it may be a nice ornamental used as a border in flower garden. Turns out it is more tender and delicious than the stuff from FEDCO in Maine.TRT-good to hear from you.The library assistant who knows all, sees all told me the cop said (her choice of words-she never calls him by name altho she's good friends with him for years)claims "I been framed." In the next sentence she bemoaned his lack of good judgment and told me his brother is currently serving time. I'm afraid to go further 'cuz this town of 300 people has more than it's share of homicides and criminals.