Thursday, March 10, 2011


String cheese and hot dogs save the day.  I hand feed Mandy and the cat bits of string cheese to keep the medication from irritating her stomach and "tossing her cookies".  Jorge drives a package of hot dogs over the ridge.  One dose of antibiotic at 7 am and another at 10:30 yields startlingly quick results.  The vet tech told me early this morning if you can keep the medication down, it works very quickly.  After noon today Mandy has her appetite back, gnawing on a beef bone I baked last night.. I tell her how thankful I am she's feeling better and is able to walk.  On a brief sortie outside on this sunny morning, Mandy hobbles along in the snow on three legs, sniffing the breeze with her sensitive nose. Her look says, "I'm feeling better . A few kind words from Jean Calomeni out there at Snoring Dog Studio on Word Press certainly helped.  Mandy says thanks.. Check out to see her illustration and watercolors.

Pooch discovers the heating pad under Mandy's blanket
  I'm mulling over the thought of writing at Word Press.  One aspect of Blogspot that bothers me is the notion of "followers". Sure it allows one to keep in touch with like minded individuals, yet I feel that like Facebook, the idea isn't to share ideas, but collect followers ( one of our kids has 354 friends on Facebook). To the lunatic fringe out there whose main purpose is nastiness, criticism, egocentric meanderings, put downs, one upsmanship and all that tripe, I might add that were all slogging through it a day at a time.  Why not do it in a way that brings people together. There's more than one person out there who believes like me if we don't' affect change, they'll be writing in history books of the fall of the American Empire instead of  the Roman Empire

As a teacher in the inner city, I was an idealist and a realist. Sure, it was a hellhole, but the things I did as a teacher made a difference in children's lives.  It took me almost ten years to figure that out after I left teaching discouraged with the violence and brutality, lived in a tent in Trempeleau County Wisconsin at the end of a dead end road for a year, went back to teaching with the idea that I could nuture instead of stifling learning.


Anonymous said...

You're a fascinating guy. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I love Wordpress - there are lots of excellent features that help you keep track of comments and commenters. I'm sold on it.

I was married to a guy from LaCrosse Wisconsin. I used to live in Minneapolis and I'd tell everyone this, "The best thing about Minnesota is Wisconsin."

I'm thrilled beyond thrill that Mandy is well! I can't tell you how many times I panicked about my Stella and her little mishaps and tummy aches. One day, my vet told me to "stop raising her in a bubble." I don't think I changed much in spite of those wise words.

Thank you for the link, too, you marvelous man!

Gavrillo said...

We travel to Lacrosse (45 minute north and west) for supplies. Can't shake the feeling it's a one horse town for a wagon that needs a matched team.

Got one kid in Minneapolis.

If I can get my webmaster off his lazy butt(he's also the town clerk) I'm going to have him add your web site to my links tab. I'm better at networking than peddling our art. Besides I like your work. Who knows. Maybe one of those United Arab Emirate page views the stats list shows will bring you some oil rich money.

In Milwaukee we had a trading post and moved to Sedona thinking it would help my wife's art career. It didn't.

I get so busy with organic farming and all the associated clutter of living in rural America, that my business is always in a state of torpor from lack of attention.

My girl is chasing rabbits in her sleep now. Fed her string cheese and bacon with medicine wrapped in peanut butter. I hope it'll wipe out the limp and inability to get out of bed.

It's been a long time since I've had someone call me marvelous. Such a nice thing to say at a low spot in the road.

sAm said...

Whew - glad to hear she's doing better!! Now, if you'll excuse me I think I need to go have some string cheese.