Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still Not Here

The roof's on, but the structure remains primitive. I'm talking about

I've been a bit distracted lately by a thing called Life.  It's raining today.  The Pooch complained loudly when I let him in this morning.  Full moon and open curtains in the living room are an invitation to roam all night and pester the lumps of warmth under the blankets.  I let him outside when Mandy jumps on the bed and the two begin gnawing on each other. Mandy goes out and returns to the house quickly. The cat has to punch his watchman's time card at specific sites around the place.  I'm too tired to wait for him to come back inside the house.  On most occasions , he'll race to the house for breakfast.  Then he'll beg to be let outside.

 Seven am and I fall asleep in my recliner while Mandy snoozes in her easy chair.  An hour later I remember, "Oh shoot. I let the cat out."  He's got a dry spot under the rear addition roof where he likes to hang out.  I'm calling for him on the opposite side of the house.  I can hear him complaining about the dipstick who makes him run through pouring rain to get to the back door.  Once inside, I dry him off  and he lets me know he's miffed by biting my knuckle.

Both animals are asleep at present.  Mandy-still in the easy chair.  The Pooch retires to a bed in the quiet basement after a round or two of dog chasing and hiding in a paper grocery sack.

The river is at flood stage.  In the past two days, run-off and a mild rain brought the water level up to the top of the bank.  Low spots become lakes for geese to dip and feed.  The heavy rains today will bring it up over the banks.  We keep a wary eye on the thing.  The header picture was taken a couple years ago.


Anonymous said...

First of all, you can be sure that I'll be one of your first subscribers when you move to wordpress! I enjoyed reading about your lazy rainy day. I had a day like that yesterday - winds about 40mph will always keep me inside, but I enjoyed the respite. That photo is scary! Stay dry, my friend, and i'll see you soon!

Gavrillo said...

Hey snoringdogstudio,
I've got three posts in the new wordpress blog. Still trying to figure out a few of the widgets, gadgets and straighten a few kinks.
Staying dry is not a problem outside since the river is filling up marshes near it's banks. As the weather warms there'll be spring peepers galore. Indoors, I got distracted when filling the kitchen sink, alas and alack there was minor flooding.