Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Meaning of Life

After all the chemo, IV drips, trips back and forth to Lacrosse, endless consultations, anti-nausea medications  and I discover one thing I needed all along.
Pearl Street Brewery from Lacrosse and pale ale.

Never, ever, underestimate the beauty of the simple joys of life.  My dog, my wife ( not necessarily in order of importance), my friends especially my Amish friends who taught me in simplicity there is beauty, and last of all, write this somewhere where you can see it every day, every bitching day when the sun don't shine when you think all is lost or buried under a carpet of human indifference to the true meaning of life. never take anything for granted. Never. 

Hey. yeah, phew, must've gone over the speed limit of human kindness and an appreciation of malt beverages. 'Scuse me. 


okjimm said...

no S'cuses necessary.
The most beautiful things in life are free, easy,smooth. You just need to think with your heart,listen to your eyes, the melody right in front of you. Everything else is noise.

Good on you... during the game today I will open a VERY good beer and it will be for you.

Gavrillo said...

Thank you.