Thursday, February 9, 2012

For Hansi

I mentioned to a fellow blogger that the next time I drove through Coon Valley, I take some shots.  As I am want to do, I don't think about the dirty car window.  I am too lazy to get out of the vehicle because I've been given a a short time frame to get to Lacrosse.  As they say, better than nuthin'. 

Speed trap coming into Coon Valley.
Tiny home adjacent to farm in 1sy picture.
Main Street ( Silicoon Valley on right)
Fiord Bar thru dirty windows (ART SHOT)
Coon Creek Watershed (top right)
More Coon Creek


okjimm said...

Damn blizzard here..... don't feel very funny. Hope your travels are not impaired. Snoring Dog says she couldn't post comments on my site or yours.....don't know what is up... I took the 'moderation' thing off, but I cannot somehow get the 'verification word' thingee off. hmmmmmm
be gooooood. have to shovel.

Gavrillo said...

I'll give it a try to commenton eggroll. Hansi said the same thing. See today's post. Miss your commentaries. Seriously, your writing keeps me going. I'll have to bone up on removing unwanted comments or least a verification process as it cramps my style on writing anything and everything out of fear of trolls or pissing off the Pope. Especially the Pope.

Snoring Dog Studio said...

Oh, so many years ago when I was married and living in Mpls, my sister and I did the Coon Creek canoe race one summer. It was hilarious. I figured that since my sister had been in the Navy, she'd know how to paddle a canoe. I certainly did not. We saw a lot of the banks of the creek during the race. We went down the creek backwards more often than not. We finished within the required 1 hour time by just one minute. It was hilarious. Thank you for bringing back that memory.

Gavrillo said...

When I went to the spam/comment file on the design section of my blog, I noticed the comment from Snoring Dog. I copied it to paste in the comment section here, but, SDS you were already here. Anything I can do SDS to help promote your gallery show?