Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Is Winter

There was a Canadian TV show on PBS I'd watch religiously,before I moved to Arizona.  It was called the Red Green Show.  Farcical, stupid, dumb and dumber-such as one featured segment that focused on 1001 uses for duct tape. The creator of the show and the star did a black and white segment  demonizing the Canadian winter with humor.  I remember one part where Red would sit out in a snowstorm playing guitar.  Falling through holes in ice became a slapstick artform.  I even found DVD's of the show on Netflix.  To watch with enthuisam, one should be drunk or impaired. In all honesty, I may have been drinking.

Today, I played my own version of -It Is Winter.  The dog wouldn't let me sleep in. Dawn kicked the cat outside at 7am for howling, but I worried that my cat buddy would freeze his business off in 10 degree temperatures.  Coughing prodigiously from a virulent form of laryngitis, I amble downstairs to let the cat inside.  He was super glad to see me.  I made a couple of real vanilla flavored waffles, brewed some strong coffee and a cup of miso soup.  I threw tofu cubes in the boiling soup water before I mixed in the measured amount of mellow yellow miso dissolved in water.  Then I slathered the hot waffle with creamy peanut butter ( my low residue diet because of throat cancer doesn't allow crunchy peanut butter).  For fun we went to Wal-Mart.  The high point came when a parent escorted a howling kid out of the store.  I avoided friends I knew when I worked there, because I didn't want to go through the C routine.

I stared at the white blanket outside through car windows and kitchen windows.  I read some and fell asleep in my recliner for a few hours.  Poor dog isn't getting any exercise.  I dreamed of naked pirate girls.   The above photo is 30 minutes of error messages in my attempts to load a pirate girl photo.  If the net police are looking for me, I'll say the same thing my santero friend said with a twinkle in his eye as I passed him in the Village Crossing grocery store in Sedona.

"Pardon us, we're old."   

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