Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eye of the Storm

I'm waiting for the eye of the snowstorm to pass over our area. Then I can go out and shovel the sidewalk so the cat doesn't have to walk belly deep in the stuff.  The white cover of snow is a welcome change from drab brown of late.  It will add moisture and protect the soil from extreme temperatures, I assume will follow.  Thanks to my pal Jorge, the wood bin is full.

Over morning coffee Jorge relates a recent story of a state cop pulling him over while driving back home from the Symons Center in Richland Center where he works out daily.  Jorge has a license plate holder on the rear plate of his new SUV.

On the front bumper the plate says, "If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch."

The rear plate renewal sticker is partially covered by the chrome dealer plate holder.  One would have to be standing directly behind the vehicle approximately three feet away to see the sticker. After  Jorge got his vehicle registration, he had a senior moment and stuck the registration and new sticker in the glove box.  The state cop saw the RECALL WALKER stickers on the bumper and rear window. He pulled him over hoping to find a violation. Which he did.

I'm sure he was surprised when Jorge opened his wallet and saw Jorge's retired police officer badge.  Jorge explained the mistake while the police officer explained that the front plate was also in violation. He said that any extraneous plate has to be affixed over the WIS plate on the front. Harassment?  You betcha.  Later, Jorge finds out from his racquetball partner that the state cop who lives in the local area has a reputation as a strong supporter of Skippy Walker.  Walker's head of the state patrol is father of two Fitzgerald brothers.

Scott Fitzgerald: WI Senate Majority Leader-Jeff Fitzgerald: WI Assembly Leader.  Both are cronies originally from Illinois in positions of power. A  Madison paper says the appointment of the elder Fitzgerald smacks of cronyism.

A few days later three Recall Walker signs Jorge hung at the edge of his property along the highway are ripped down and tossed in the gully.   Getting a little dicey here in the boonies.  


okjimm said...

Not just in the Boonies. It is getting nasty everywhere. Walker has taking the state backward 100 years in only his first year. Sheesh..

T. Roger Thomas said...

Tough for me to imagine why a cop would work against his own self interest by supporting Walker.

Gavrillo said...

OK Jimm, we gotta stick together and fight them. I'm a little south of having a lot of enthusiasm, but knowing you're out there is a boost. Speaking of Boost, maybe I'll grab one( a protein shake). We got a Northern Brewer catalog in the mail yesterday.Dreamed about making pale ale in my basement. TRT,TV is showing commercial for the Guv saying how many jobs he saved, what a lie. I do know that the police were exempted from many of his financial moves.

hansishallucinations said...

Good luck on re-calling that guy. A real piece of work