Saturday, December 3, 2011

The View Near The Bridge

Off to the right my dog stands expectantly with the yellow lid of  of a kitty litter pail clamped between her jaws. It's the rural version of a Frisbee. "Stay," I command.  On a rainy, foggy, misty day like today, it would be doubly stupid for both of us to be run over by a pick-up with a deer rack on the tail end. 

Yeah, this is OK I ponder, but a middle of the road shot would be better.

Now that Herman Cain is out of the race, perhaps I could run for office on a middle of the road platform. I wouldn't be any worse than one of the Republican hopefuls who doesn't know that the U.S. doesn't have an embassy in Iran.  I don't jog with a pistol.  I don't jog period.  I haven't been a ruthless businessman, don't have a drug problem or have skeletons in this office closet, save for a thwarted project back when Nixon was running for re-election. The idea was to take a picture of a penis and attach the slogan " Lick Dick in '72."  I won't divulge details, just make up your own story. It would be ten times better than something a bunch of drunken hippies came up with after too many cold ones.

Ah so young and so clueless.

The Middle of the Road

This is what happens when it rains all day, the animal children have been following you around like lost souls, yet when you show them the door they stand there gazing at the weather, looking back to you with, "I'm not going out in that," eyes.


Anonymous said...

Such a familiar sight! I remember those damp, cold days with dim light. Once, on the way to Wisconsin, we stopped and wandered over to a small stream next to the road and found watercress! I was so delighted. And then there was the morel hunting. Awesome.

Gavrillo said...

The watercress is a mile down county U just past the old cheese factory in a slough. The renegade organic farmers down the road from us harvested it and sold it to the local co-op as organically grown @$5.00/lb. The morel capital of WI is Muscoda home of Meister cheese where they sell morel/garlic white cheese and cut ends for 99 cents a lb. Mu-Ko-Day is about 25 minutes away. A person smarter than me figured out they could sell cut ends at twice the price and still make out like a bandit. Meister sells to them exclusively now.

okjimm said...

aw, it looks like the 'middle of the road' has been patched more than a few times. Still beats the "RIGHT-a-way" Talking cheese is good. I live alone...think I should get some Limburger for the next Packer game... nothing like stinking cheese!

T. Roger Thomas said...

You're certainly right about just how weak the Republican field is for the 2012 election.

I have a theory that the serious Republican candidates are waiting until 2016 when Obama can't be reelected. While there are Democrats that are upset with Obama for not getting more done when the Dems controlled the White House and both houses of Congress, I think the Republicans sense it will be tough to unseat a guy who is known for his public speaking ability who, unlike in 2008, now wields the power of the White House.