Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seeds For Change

Sunday, December 11,2011

The seed catalog came in the mail.  To a dirt wrangler like me this is similar to getting a combination Rolling Stone , Interview Magazine, The Week, The Bible and a long term subscription to Playboy in my mailbox.  You, too, can get one by going to Fedco Seeds.

A guy named C.R.Lawn founded the co-operative.  Google his name and you'll find that he's been a keynote speaker and highly regarded for his down to earth wisdom on topics near and dear to me.  The black and white seed catalog is filled with curious drawings, information about seeds the company offers and a range of topics of note to people who work the land.

One such topic is global warming.In a half page section of the catalog is a no nonsense report of the climate changes in the northeast .

Lawn gives an update of Fedco's decision to join 82 plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Monsanto to halt "uncontrolled spread of transgenic seeds".

As I typed the last sentence, the power went out, our wireless doorbell went off and I assume this is a signal from God not to write anymore about this David versus Goliath issue. Read the catalog description. First hand is always best.

The last item of note in the catalog is a two page spread on FDR's Fireside Chats and their application to the present economic times.  It'll drop your jaw. 

Shelling beans in the living room, I slip in a DVD of the All In The Family series. Each episode begins with a song I  thought was the Republican National Anthem.  After I few episodes I skipped over Archie and Edith at the piano singing, "Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again,"  or "Didn't need no welfare state, everybody pulled his weight," but the last line tipped me off that the song is a parody.

"Gee our old LaSalle ran great." Do you remember ever seeing a picture of a LaSalle?  The writers of the song are saying in a tribute to the old days that the "old days" were indeed a bummer.  Hoovervilles ( shantytowns) were prevalent.  Car companies went under before ever becoming a brand name.  And Hoover?  His name will be remembered as it is now for someone who did nothing in a time when a real statesman is needed, like Sir Winston Churchill in WWW-2.  The other Hoover? I see him portrayed more and more  in current cinema as a control freak who liked to cross dress.  What a legacy! 

Order the catalog. If you can, join the co-op.  They have a low income factor.  Even if you don't garden, you'll help the rest of the people who provide your food.

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