Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Shots

If I only had a brain.  I couldn't sleep last night.  This morning I'm a lump on a log. 
Our Doorbell
The bike's gone but I still have the outfit.
My first wheels.
I've always played with my food.
Take an adobe brick form, add one souvenir from the Pike Street Market in Seattle add two bite size crows and Voila!
Never, ever refer to the dog as "sweetheart" in front of a champion kick boxer for a wife.
Every picture tells a story, donit?
Fine art on the pole barn: Woodpecker and old coot.


okjimm said...

I love the header photo... I do miss the hills... I truly do

Gavrillo said...

I'll trade you one hill for a frosty cold one at Oblio's. This part of the road is where I lost the brakes on my F-150 hauling an empty 200 gallon fuel tank to the town dump.