Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ah, Spring

It's that time of year.  Finally an 80 degree day.  The dog gets dumber, ie chasing bugs.  Hey, babe there's more on the way after yesterday's thunderboomer. The cat moves slower, ie time for basement naps.  Me, I am busier than a cat covering poop on a tin roof ( the late Robert Ehr's favorite ditty).

Pacing oneself, becomes a mantra.

Dismantle the old 16' garage door lying in the grass; Plant herbs in flats; Weed, weed and weed some more; Mow another quarter section; Fix the muffler on Fred, the riding mower; Split that maple behind the wood shed but keep an eye out for snakes; Figure out a place for the 23 pounds of onion sets you bought cheap; Paint the deck; Remember to call Dawn to buy organic flour; Till weeds in the corn garden; Take soil temperatures; Fix the pedal on your mountain bike; Drink more juice instead of coffee and tea;

 Mother Nature and the National Weather dance the tango.  Ma dips and NWS swoons.

click for larger image
We Should Have Cultivated Rice
The Front Yard (note back stroking yardbird)

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