Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dragon Buffet

Jorge, ever the buffoon, asks the waitperson, "Is there any dragon on today's menu?"  The cute, dark haired Asian beauty looks at him questioningly.  In the cartoon balloon above her head are a half dozen questions, none of them printable.  He repeats himself, "Are you serving dragon today?" That's where I step in.  I can't remember exactly what I said.  Perhaps it was just the circling motion next to my temple indicating this guy's cuckoo. Then she laughs. "Oh, you so funny!"
When Jorge drops us off, I open the first fortune cookie, withdraw the paper and give the crunchy cookie  to my dog for a treat. The above was inside.  I open Jorge's fortune cookie.  He's dieting and restricting the intake of carbs.  He gives it to me.  The cookie advises him to quit buying things on sale. Buy only what you need. An apt description of Jorge.

The only reason he asked the wait person at the Dragon Buffet about dragon on the menu is because I said to him as we walked in, "I 'll give you a dollar if you ask her if they serve "dragon".   " You owe me a buck", he replies. 


okjimm said...

dragon tastes just like chicken.... only...... chewier. Get the squid instead

Gavrillo said...

Everything tastes like chicken including chicken. I prefer squid, steamed fresh at the Newport Beach California seafood market. A kid is walking down the road in the back parts of Cozumel, holding an iguana by the tail back in the 80's when my second wife still thought I was cool before she took off with an ad exec from Illinoy playing the macho kid routine trying to scare the gringo tourista with a dead lizard mumblin' "tastes like cheeken." I didn't bite.

T. Roger Thomas said...

Well told