Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Skippy

I read a lot of fiction. We gave up on the Toob years ago.  My local librarian follows a popular trend highlighting mass market fiction. She stocks the first two mysteries by Stieg Larrson and follows up with the third in large print for the older generation of patrons.  Although the books are best sellers of amazing proportions, I find them tedious when descriptions get bogged down in police procedure. I can hear the author talking to himself.  When the action slows down he says to himself, "I think I'll paste in a murder, a shoot out or a savage beating." You can see a visual version of the same with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise in Knight and Day.  My favorite part is of Cameron Diaz riding in front of Cruise on a motorbike.  She's facing him and shooting at bad guys following them. Ah, come on.

When I check the news, I find stuff worthy of a novel.  Guv Skippy ( a Steve Carell  lookalike) is duped into speaking candidly in a twenty minute telephone interview with a newspaperman.  The Guv thinks its a rich supporter. One of two billionaire brothers who support right wing causes and have contributed to the Guv's campaign.  Curiously the Guv feels no remorse in considering planting agitators in demonstrations against the new bill ending employees rights to negotiate.  He talks figuratively of taking a baseball bat to the knees of the  opponents.  On a more serious note, he could possibly sell Wisconsin power plants without bids which could be bought up on the cheap by the two brothers and resold at a premium raising already high energy costs.

I've got to check my supply of paper.  This could be my big chance for a novel.  I won't have to add excitement when the going gets bogged down. I'll begin with another Scott Walker, number #24 of the Washington Capitals being arrested and hauled downtown for questioning.  As the action begins, the Feds are looking for Scotty, right wing for a hockey team, masquerading as a state governor.   As two beefy agents pull his car over and pat him down, legs spread against his Toyota Terkel under suspicion of fraud and corruption Scotty aka Skippy Walker moans in distress, "What the puck."  "I didn't have sex with her.  I was just examining her for suspicious looking moles."

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