Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mandy On Snow

I jump on the bed. It's time to get up. The light coming in the crack between the blue fleece bedroom curtains is a brighter white. As I suspected, it snowed last night. I could feel the weather change. Run, jump over snowbanks, plow through the snow with my nose snow. Hang my tongue out to catch snow. Snow for running fast. Oh yes, sometimes I trip in a hole, but high speed car chases below the highway berm are faster in the snow. I stretch out as thin as a rail when I speed race. Things smell differently with the snow for a background. Hidden things under the humps of grass in the river bottoms tell me there's something going on down there. Two geese fly overhead, one lighter in color than the other . The steel blue sky at the horizon and pale ghostly white at high noon turn the landscape into a fairyland. I watch the geese until they disappear over the hill. I can't believe he wants to go inside already. I want to run laps around the dried peony bushes, down the road and up again. There's nothing to do inside. I'll eat cat food until I throw up and then maybe I can go outside some more. Please tell me it's not getting dark already. It's only four thirty. I could keep this up for hours. He's clapping his gloved hands together. That's my signal to run like the wind and bounce off his knee, jumping high in the air with glee. I really like snow. I do.

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