Friday, July 22, 2011

Comets Over Kickapoo Center

OK, before you get all snarky about my skills as a photographer, just listen up.

I put the dog in the basement last night.  After the second wake-up whine around two in the morning, I'd had enough.  Thanks to the white witch of weather, I couldn't leave her outside because there are flashes of lightning in the south. Mandy is afraid of thunderstorms.  When I first let her out, she streaked out to the front field chasing some varmint. Then she ran in the back yard pen as if there is a raccoon. in the live trap near the old 16 foot radar dish/TV antenna. The barking would surely keep me awake, if not, upset the neighbors.

I get up at five when I hear a low rumble.  The dog is pacing the back hall and super cat wants to go outside and do ten rounds with a striped furry animal twice his size. It starts to rain.  A cloud show of amazing proportions begins.  Orange, purple, gray puffy cumulus abound.  "I'll give my Canon one last try," I decide.  The auto focus is whacked.  If I twiddle with the settings, I might be able to get a decent shot of the sunrise to show Dawn that I'm not surfin' girlie sites on the net at first light.

No such luck. I get a decent shot of the side of the garage. The sky looks like I feel. But wait!   In this picture,  a comet appears to have streaked through the sky as I clicked the shutter button.  Wow, freaky.

Dawn has a new camera I bought her at Christmas.  I'm too lazy and pressed for time to download the software needed to get pictures up on my blog.  My new printer took longer than it should have to set up, because they forgot the installation guide.  I had to work from memory.  On the floor next to a file cabinet is the old printer which was perfectly good ( until Dawn tried to clear a paper jam) including two expensive ink cartridges almost brand new.  On the other side of the desk is our old DVD player.It cost three times as much as the new replacement. In the closet I have two printers that should be tossed.  One piece of crap a friend mailed to me from Arizona because he didn't want to go through the hassle of recycling it. In the basement are two microwaves and the IMAC Dawn used until it got a case of arteriosclerosis. Add a compact tape recorder( compact if you call the size of a loaf of bread "compact") a voice activated mini-recorder, a fax machine that uses old onion skin type paper with a defective paper cutter, a credit card machine I stupidly purchased when we were in business instead of renting one,  two remote control racing cars,  and a partridge in a pear tree.

I'm not opposed to technology . Once it was expensive and new and now it it's cheaper than cheap. It creates more hassle with recycling and detoxifying the plastic detritus. I'm a life long collector of junk. Quality junk.For example, I have an old wooden cheese box ( even I don't remember when cheese came in a wooden box) where I keep metal springs of every size and shape. "One day this will come in handy" is my motto.  Two weeks after I threw it away, it did come in handy.

"I know I had a rubber tip for a wooden cane," I bemoan after I remember tossing the ribbed,white rubber tip in the trash.  I know I'll never say, "Now where did I put that eight track tape player? I could use that right now as a door stop for the lawn shed."   

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