Sunday, August 29, 2010

Muttering Incongorous Non Sequiturs


This morning I Googled Monty Roberts-the man who listens to horses, Hastings Harcourt and Cecil Adams. I had to find out if Hastings Harcourt appears in Wikipedia. This member of the book publishing family figured prominently in the Horse Whisper's first book. He was bi-polar and rich. What a great combo.

Cecil Adams writes a column that first appeared in the Chicago Reader answering arcane questions from readers. The real lyrics to the song Louie Louie. What the name Esso stands for (SO-Standard Oil) and so on. The NWS wouldn't give me the local weather for Charleston,SC. When I rechecked my spelling making sure I had the comma in the right place this afternoon, it turns out their weather is better than ours. Charleston-high of 88, low of 70 with 59% humidity. Lacrosse area weather right now is 88 with a low around 60. Humidity is 65%. It also appears that we have no weather. The map of the SW corner of the state is without hazardous weather warnings, flood watches, air quality alerts, tornado watches. Nada, nothing. No shaded colored areas marking special weather statements. Oh wow.

The picture illustrates what I've been doing lately. I dig potatoes until my back complains, haul a cardboard box ( not the ones in the picture but a larger one with handles that holds fifty pounds of spuds) in the wheelbarrow. I wear a large brimmed straw hat like the Amish wear. It's not as cooling as I would like but it saves another trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for skin cancer surgery. Three trips today, 100 pounds yesterday, 150 pounds on Friday and I still haven't dug up all the Kennebec potatoes. The heat drove me inside. Yesterday's cool breeze enabled me to cut corn stalks to decorate for fall. I'll postpone any more work until after 6 this evening.

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