Monday, July 19, 2010

The Waver

Ten years ago, we lived 15 miles south of the new age capital of the world-Sedona. The village of Oak Creek is a subdivision nestled around a golf course. In a 1966 Arizona Highways article about Sedona, the village of Oak Creek did not exist. The two page centerfold spread of an aerial overview of Sedona is a stunning visage of red iron oxide sandstone cliffs and rock formations. Off in the far distance one can actually see the snow covered San Francisco peaks in Flagstaff.

The aerial view shows a depression in the ground near highway 179 ( now the Bank One building) and a cattle ranch. The Verde Valley School Road extends west to Oak Creek. In 1976 a golf course was built. Modest homes of plywood and hardboard popped up in and around arroyos and cul de sacs. Near the golf course more expensive homes of faux adobe had backyards over looking the greens.

The waver walked highway 179 from the village to Sedona on a regular basis. After the business district in the village- a four block long strip of hotels, gas stations, restaurants, a hardware store and odd's 'n ends businesses-the terrain was Coconino National Forest. Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and more off the main drag subdivisions were the only attractions.

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