Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A. L. Terego

Life in Kickapoo Center at the Turn of the Century

I'm beginning to see a pattern. My daughter labels it, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

My label: eat, eat, eat again, drink wine, watch movie, sleep, start project, never finish, repeat

Some projects are never ending. As a Gemini with a foul moon rising, I hate repetition. I don't exercise. I'll eat soup for breakfast. I find very little comfort in performing the same action, the same thing, day after day.

One thing I adhere to strictly is the way I put on my shoes. After reading A Thousand Splendid Suns I make sure that I put on my right shoe first. Any other way brings bad luck.

I was curious about shoe superstitions, so I went on-line. Shoes on a bed:bad luck. Think about it. I had a boss who told me you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. When he'd send me to the trailer park to hire temporary Hispanic workers, he'd tell me to check out their shoes. Those who wore sturdy shoes would be the best workers. I alternate between a pair of low cut black Coverse All-Stars and a beat up pair of cheap Wal-Mart running shoes that used to be white. They are now scuffed and beaten. Inside I have new Dr.Scholls liners and a 327 cu. in. V-8 engine. I can run faster and jump higher than anyone on my block.

I have, in my paw, another incomplete project. This time its a faux gemstone cover, Signature brand, blank diary with gilt edge pages, a sewn binding and a ribbon bookmark. The first few pages are filled with quips like: Line your nest with the fur of your enemy. or Fat girls ride bikes only in a cemetery. and Escape velocity is 7 miles per second. It is coffee stained at the upper right hand margin through most of the blank pages. The first ten pages have been torn away.The first entry dated 1/30/97 is an I Ching reading. The reading asks a question about moving to Arizona a year before the event. I don't look up the Hexagram, nor the image because I already know the outcome. Here's the second entry

Ain't no use in talking if nobody's listening. Smudging is the punctuation in a ceremony. It makes the intent clearer. The feeling comes through clearer.

Walking to work, the temperature(outside) is a warm 45 degrees. on this St.Patrick's Day. Again, the contrast of winter is apparent. One rushes to get away from the cold, the wind, the snow and the assault on your physical self. It is a luxury to walk without gloves and not have cold hands. I don't brace myself for the obstacles winter puts in my way. This includes snowbanks and pools of melting snow water. The memory of relaxing in the sun; How it feels to be content and warm comes back with a pleasant sensation. Two geese stand on a thin sheet of ice in the middle of the river. They eye me carefully, mistrustful of the tall moving object above them on the bridge. Inside the old building that is my store, the air is colder-trapped over the weekend.

The back of my head aches. Various other dull pains confuse the moment. What am I doing to create these feelings? Too much caffeine, again. Eating too often in a hurry causes the acid content of my system to escalate. We put so much aside to deal with later. Later is exactly what it is: later. It is always later. Ending line for this segment:

I wanted to get closer to God but someone was sitting in my seat.

The wolf image at top is part of the permanent collection at www.sevenroadsgallery.com. The artist is Foster Swanke, an 87 year old man currently residing in Kenosha, WI. He is father to our featured artist-Linda Miller. You can see more at www.lindamillerart.com

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