Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Friends of Robert Miller
Thank you for all the support and caring words (and humor) you gave to Robert during his experience with cancer.
He so enjoyed hearing from you and you lifted his soul at a very dark time.
Robert passed away March 27th shortly after midnight.
Dawn (Linda)


okjimm said...

I am so sorry. Peace. Love.

okjimm said...


I took a short walk. I needed to. It surprised me that I needed to... in a good way. I never met Robert, but I was going to try to make a drive over there this summer. I was sure he would be watching things grow. I know he liked that. I will think of him this summer, at the farmer's market, when the fresh veggies are ready. I liked the way the guy wrote. Maybe not Hemingway, but he was able to take just a few words and make a friendship grow... out of thin air.

Maybe I did meet him.... there, in the fresh thin air, where friendships can grow. I now know it is possible. Tell him I say 'Hi' when you think of him. OK?

Snoring Dog Studio said...

I am beyond sad to hear this. I met this wonderful man through my blog and his. I kept up with him as best I could and loved his stories about the gardening and Mandy and the people whose lives he touched. I am so sorry. Please know that I cherished the far away friendship and that you're in my heartfelt prayers.

T. Roger Thomas said...

I'm very sorry to hear it.